Biographical Notes


The process of making art is therapy for me. Art allows me to delve into my own psyche and history, and to explore current political and social issues, which helps me make sense of both past and present—and to hold hope for the future.

Therefore, some pieces remain private:  the act of creation and work with them was all I needed from them.

The art I make public is meant to move others with awe, curiosity, reverence, and wonder.

Early Struggles and Photographic Beginnings

I saw myself as “not good enough” to pursue a full-time career in art. With that conclusion untested, I went on to work as a teacher, social worker, and pastor.

But I didn't feel fully alive when I was not creating art on a regular basis. So I began where it was easiest, behind a camera lens. Framing a photo has always come naturally.

Branching Out : Paper Arts

Time and mentoring have made me braver, more confident, and curious about what I can do.

I enjoy "painting with paper," putting it together to tell a story. Paper arts provide scissor-cutting challenges and problem-solving exercises for my brain.


Two courses at Moore College of Art during high school. Since 2008, workshops with Philadelphia area photographers Sharon Gunther, Owen Biddle, and John Benigno. Mentoring and workshops with Melanie Weidner, and workshops with Christine Valters Paintner from Abbey of the Arts.

My art is a summary of a conversation, and is my invitation to you to join the conversation.