• Lynn Lampman

I Need This!

Every once and awhile, you need to assess where you want to go. Given I believe this to be true, I decided one year into retirement to write a new personal mission statement. I was surprised how it was so different than what I had as a mission statement when I had my career. The new mission statement is more open ended and less specific. I think that is due to what has happened to me in the last year - the pandemic, and volunteering in what was available, even if it is not what I originally planned and specifically wanted.

Yet, one year later, I can testify to the reality that I could not be happier how it all turned out. I love my volunteer work. I get a chance to play in the dirt every week for nine months of the year in an organic garden. For six months, I have been writing articles/blogs for Tyler Arboretum, a nonprofit organization, in which I share their values and convictions. Not to shabby for a gal who is anxious about her grammar and insecure about her writing ability. Good thing they asked me, I would have never offered. And then, there are the times in the 108 trees in American Chestnut Orchard, where I join others in the largest civilian science project in the world as all of us working together seek to produce chestnut trees that are blight resistant, in hope of returning the once prominent American Chestnut tree to the forests of Pennsylvania.

Who would have guessed you would hear the sound of a sewing machine running in our house. After five months of waiting due to supply shortage during COVID, I began sewing fleece hats to keep the heat from seeping out of the top of her heads, a dog coat covered with the planets for our dog Luna, a lush array of color table runner...

Then, I broke my ankle and needed to rest it, and walk on it in a boot as little as possible. Which caused me to channel my energy and creativity into learning how to make my own gluten free bread. For the last three years, I have survived on gluten free store bought bread. I have two words to describe that experience; dense and dry! Recently, I have enjoyed my own bread - oatmeal maple , spinach feta, almond coconut, bagel, boulle ...Yum, yum.

I am guessing you are still wondering what is in my mission statement. Well, to some degree that is personal, but with this website, I will reveal the part of it that relates to creativity. I bet you thought I was going to say art. What I have learned about myself in this last year is that I need to create what is meaningful in order to have a sense of contentment and purpose. What is meaningful could mean thought provoking, inspiring, essential, enjoyable, useful, or making note of or preserving what is beautiful. Whenever I am asked to undertake anything new, I now ask whether there is the opportunity to create what is meaningful. If so, I'm all in.

To come full circle, I need to ask you this - where do you want to go? And when you do figure that out, go there in joy and enjoy!

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