• Lynn Lampman

It Happened Before... And It Happened Again!

I was just about finished my "race relations" timeline. The outside of the box was gray, and the inside of the box was black and white. I glued the words to the bottom of the box and brushed on a fixitive. Then, I went to lunch. When I returned the entire inside of the box had turned blood red...

When I realized that I would not be able to return to my former place of work for a retirement reception because of COVID-19 and a new pastor being in place, I processed all those deep emotions by writing what I thought what would have said to me at the reception. When I started writing, I noticed it was not my imagination at work, but what they had actually said to me over the last ten years as their pastor.

Friends suggested making an art project as a way to process my feelings. Which then involved tearing the paper up and soaking it, so I could make a sheet of paper to use as my mat for a photograph I took of a sugar maple tree at the end of our block in full fall array. It was cut down several years ago. I thought for sure as I made the paper pulp that the colorful words of thanks would work their way into the mat. I made sure the markers could handle water by putting them un a faucet. Next, I soaked the paper for 30 minutes and when I returned all the thank you writing was completely gone.

It happens. The best laid plans do not turn out as we planned. Yet, they often turn out better than we planned. I could either look at the interior red of the box as a possible chemical reaction or a message. The workshop leader said, "You choose how you want to receive it." The print disappearing was possibly due to the longer soak or maybe the message is that it is time to let go of all of that, it has been said and done ,and it is no more.

Letting go of what we expect, and receiving what is being given us is sometimes the best way to go. In these two cases, I'd say so. The message was not what I intended, but it was what I needed.

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