• Lynn Lampman

Social Distancing?

I have always thought of art whether it be photography, film, painting, collage...as an invitation to a conversation. That is what I seek to have my art be as well. When I look at something it speaks to me and then I want want to converse with it, and invite others to converse with it as well.

Take for example, the turtles I came across kayaking a little over a week ago. Immediately I saw a lack of social distancing and a less than pleased overseer.

It caused me to think about what am I feeling these days given we have been with a "stay at home" order for 66 days. I have thought a lot about distance and connection. With COVID-19, we have needed to learn new ways of making connections like ZOOM dinners, FaceTime chats, and meeting with just one or two others with our masks and six feet apart, as opposed to large gatherings where we are squished together like sardines.

For me, one of the benefits of the pandemic has been a chance to live with greater intentionality, rather than just going on autopilot or warp neck speed. It has invited into a conversation with myself, and others regarding the usefulness of boredom. Because with boredom comes the wandering of the mind and daydreaming, which can then lead to creativity. So, let's not shout like we did as children "I'm bored". Rather, let's embrace it and the possibility that it can lead to something great.

In these days of restricted movement, may you be moved to make the most out of it.

And for Pete sake, don't let the "turtle police" get in your way. Instead, embrace connection, stave off isolation and find something meaningful to do when you think there is absolutely nothing to do.

Because the truth is this, the turtle only moves forward when it sticks its neck out.

So let's be willing to move in new directions, even when we are required to "stay at home".

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