• Lynn Lampman

What If No One is Watching?

It's finally going to be baseball season. For now, that means ball players in the stadium with no fans. The question yet to be answered is whether players will be able to play well even though there will be no one in the stands to cheer them on?

Amidst these times, it begs us to ask the same question of ourselves. How do we do when there is no one there to see what we are doing and applaud? At the core of it, is the question of why we do what we do. Do we do what we do out of necessity, passion, or a need for accolades.

When it comes to my art, I do art because it is a part of who I am. For me, not doing art means I am not fully alive. So, for me, making art comes out of necessity whether someone is watching and clapping or not.

I do art because it is my passion. I was recently inspired by a story I read about the artist Carmen Herrera (Cuban-American abstract, minimalist visual artist and painter) who did not receive public acclaim for her work till she was well into her nineties.

Herrera pressed on refining her work till others saw what she had always seen - her work had merit. She did it not for the acclaim, but rather because it was her passion.

I encourage you to stay focused even when you are all alone and the air around you is filled with only silence. Go ahead and hit that home run! What matter is not that they saw it, but rather that you did it. Keep creating. Keep on doing that which makes you feel alive, and that for which you are passionate.

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