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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

November 15, 2019

When looking for letters to my Mom amidst the genealogy "stuff" stored in a plastic container in my attic,

I unexpectedly came across these letters from "Henry". They were not the letters I had written to Mom during college or in my first job in rural Kentucky. Nor were they letters from my Dad during the 1950's when he was on the GI bill going to college. At first, I was sidetracked by the address (I had forgotten the address of where my Mom grew up, and both my parents are no longer living to even ask). Then, I saw the postmark "Give Red Cross War Fund" (remembering these were tough times), and then I noticed the stamp cost only 3 cents. Only after all of that, did I realize this was someone my Mom knew before my Dad, and the person I think she told me about who had come back different after the war, and thus she broke off their relationship. Both my parents lost romantic loves because of the war - for it both changed things for people who were in the war, and those who waited for them to return.

When I got brave in June, 2018 and began my art business by developing a website, I decided I would simultaneously market my photo note cards to area businesses. The first place I stopped said, "If you want to take pictures of birthday cakes, I could sell those." (Totally, not my thing). And then she bluntly said, as if it was fact, "No one sends letters anymore." I wanted to say to her in return, "I do" Matter of fact, I send two to four letters a week to those who need support due to tragedy, illness or tough circumstances. And I wanted to say aloud, but didn't "I am sure glad my mother kept all her letters." I sure am because I have seen it deepen our connection to one another even 74 years later, in 2019!

Is it crazy to sell notecards on my website. I think not, even if just one person receives encouragement, hope or inspiration, or has a chance to express their feelings. Letter writing may appear old fashioned, but it still means so much to those who receive them, and it allows the legacy of someone no longer here to continue.

Be old fashioned, make someone's day, change a life - write a letter.

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